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Aug 28, 2020:

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Mar 28, 2018:

Our new office

Dec 1, 2016:

It’s Christmas Time…

We wish our partners and customers a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sep 26, 2016:

More and more automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on the precision measurement of TRIGONOS Metrology. We were able to win new customers in Europe and America. Layouts and positions get marked, fixtures, robotic bases and assembly lines get aligned and much more. Our convincing technological advantage as well as the layout robots Layo developed by us were the main argument for our customers. We are looking forward to the new challenges.

Apr 1, 2016:

New acquisition for almost unlimited possibilities in the field of 3D measurement technology

TRIGONOS-Metrology has now acquired a market advantage with the new Leica Absolute Tracker AT960. It is required if difficult-to-access points need to be measured in highest level of precision. The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a robust, mobile and multifunctional laser tracker for tactile point measurement, scanning and automatic inspection procedures as well as reflector measurements. The AT960 is particularly versatile, which is especially required in plant, automotive and turbine construction. Together with the Leica T-Probe and Leica T-Scan 5 the perfect combination for almost unlimited possibilities in the field of 3D measurement technology.

Sep 22, 2015:

Trigonos Metrology at the Koralmtunnel

By two-thirds of the drive from Klagenfurt to Graz get shortened by the construction site of the Austrian railway called Koralmtunnel - from three to only one hour . With a length of 130 kilometers, it is also a significant part of the trans-European rail link ( Baltic-Adriatic Corridor ) of Gdansk in Poland to Venice on the Mediterranean sea. The heart of the Koralmbahn is the 32.9km long Koralmtunnel which is segmented into the contract sektion KAT1, KAT2 and KAT3.

Trigonos Metrology ensures the Quality Assurance at contract sektion KAT3 for the production of around 45,000 precision - tubbing. With them, 12 kilometer of the north tube is build on the western section. The ARGE PTS ( MABA and PORR ) manufactures and supplies the segments for the tunneling with TBM .

Sep 11, 2015:

Trigonos Metrology at the Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a horizontal railway line running through the Alps; a railway line for the future. The Brenner Base Tunnel is the main element of the new Brenner railway from Munich to Verona. At 64 km, it is the longest underground railway connection in the world, a pioneering work of engineering and it will markedly improve passenger travel and freight transport through the heart of Europe.

Trigonos Metrology is responsible for the quality inspection of the tubbinge.