Every Micron Counts
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A service of Trigonos Metrology...

…focused on the customer

  • Measurements performed on location
  • Combines a range of measurement instruments
  • Aligned according to specifications
  • Compliance to the required shape and position tolerances
  • Corrections effected immediately
  • Quality assurance guaranteed

…saves time and cost

  • No transport costs
  • Modern equipment ensures rapid results
  • Geometry registration delivered as surface or individual points
  • Exact calibration guarantees high quality
  • Integration of new components into existing equipment
  • Assembly errors identified immediately
  • Correction time minimised
  • Facilities available immediately after controls

…results delivered on location

  • Measurements displayed in real-time
  • Geometric properties immediately available
  • Comparison of CAD data
  • Presentation of the resulting form and positon tolerances
  • Adjustment accuracies immediately available
  • Graphic output assists the interpretation of reults
  • Measuremnet data delivered in desired format
  • Protocol delivered on site